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Fat Daddy
Oct 31, 2018

We had a user, a paid user for that matter.  He has since harassed others in the chat.  For the time being we disabled the chat.    I was thinking for a bit how to handle this.  This man has even visited today, and yesterday one of my other web pages.  He is using a proxy, but he doesn’t realize my script will pull his actual IP location with his mocked location IP. 
I have his address and other personal information through my bank.  So, I thought I could take matters onto myself.  But as a preacher of the gospel and a God-fearing man myself.  I came to realize I will allow Jesus to handle this person.  Remember Jesus will protect his children.  I would be in fear knowing I am messing with a man of God.  After all, Jesus calls out who has life the next day. 
I am considering calling his pastor.  I do know the city and state and his address with phone number.  That information was gathered with at checkout, but I think he forgot about this….

Look at What Lee Stoneking....
Nov 17, 2017


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