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UPCI and what we are doing
Oct 07, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Update
In Texas, 25 UPCI churches and 16 pastors’ homes have been damaged or flooded as well as the homes of many other ministers and saints. Both the South Texas District and the Texas District have set up relief funds and have organized teams to deliver supplies and provide labor for cleanup and rebuilding. Other districts and churches are partnering with them. The UPCI has set up a relief fund and will assist churches in coordination with the districts. The two UPCI-endorsed relief agencies, Reach Out America and Compassion Services International, are aiding the affected communities. District representatives are also coordinating efforts with the Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The UPCI Loan Fund is working with churches to defer loan payments as needed, and Points of Refuge is offering guidance to ministers and their families.

Look at What Lee Stoneking....
Nov 17, 2017


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